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Red Worms

We carry the Eisenea foetida species of Worm.   Red worms convert food scraps into nutrient-packed red worm compost it’s fast, efficient and odorless! Red worms digest kitchen waste, leaving rich castings behind. A 1 pound starter population of red worms can multiply to population of 10,000 in a few months. Red worms are the best composting worms available. Mother Nature's little helper. Keep them fed and watered and they'll stay home in your worm bin, compost piles, or windrows. We harvest and ship bedding and worms together to reduce shock.

Red worms make excellent bait for fishing also see our european night crawlers.


Worms are shipped on Monday and Tuesday, Weather permitting

*We list the most popular quantities on all our products. Larger or smaller amounts are available by request. please contact us by email. 

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E-book How To Create A Worm FarmE-book How To Create A Worm FarmDo You Want To Learn More About Green Living That Can Save You Money? This Guide Can Show You How To Create A Worm Farm From Scratch In A Relatively Short Time!! After your order is paid for a page pops up saying please print this receipt for your records.--under this is a green bar/line with the word downloads in it click on this bar and the book will automatically download.
Red Wiggler Composting worms 1 poundRed Wiggler Composting worms 1 pound

Also see my listing under bait worms for European night crawlers they are wonderful fishing worms. One customer reported catching four fish on one worm! They are the only worm to survive brackish salt water, and they are very cold resistant. When tested in the icy waters of northwestern British Columbia, the worms were still very active after 30 minutes in the water. Another Benefit is that European Nightcrawlers do not need to be refrigerated, as the Canadian Night crawlers do. They can survive in a bait cup for 3 weeks, or even longer if you take care to add some water and food. How about getting one of our Worm Farms and growing and storing your own source of worms?

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